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At Ancestry Aid we offer all of our features for free. Including the Family Tree maker, community forms, census and BDM (BMD) records, and much more!
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Community Forums

Visit our community forums to help (and get help) from other members researching their family history!

The genealogy forums are packed with family history catagories to help you with your research.

Family Tree

Create and maintain your research with our family tree maker. Create, search and connect. Simple!

The fmaily tree makers allows you to create manually or by way of Gedcom file upload.

Record Matches

Birth's, Deaths & Marriages. 1841 Census Data, Surnames of Interest. Our data, your data, your way!

Easily connect with other members sharing the same surname interests as you with our Matches system!

Records Search

All of our current family history records are searchable for free with ZERO hidden costs or subscriptions!

If the owner permits, family trees can also be included in your search results. All in one place!

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