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Military Genealogy Research Guide

Dated: Friday 07th Aug 2015
Added By: Raven

When Researching for your Ancestors Military Records there are a few main pieces of information that you require and should help make your search easier.

  • Full name of the individual. If you have as full a name as possible as this will make tracking your individual easier. E.g. John Brown. There must be hundreds of John Browns. If you have a middle name it will make things a bit easier. E.g. John W Brown.
  • The Service in which he served. Army, Royal Navy or Air Force.
  • Rank and Regiment or...
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All About Ancestry Aid

Dated: Saturday 25th Jul 2015
Added By: Ancestry Aid Staff

Ancestry Aid started it's life back in 2004. It was created by Jon and Kelly, who are husband and wife. Kelly was very interested in tracing her family history but was getting a little fed up of having to pay subscriptions for most of the sites she wanted to use. Jon suggested that they build their own website that people could always use free of charge.

With absolutely no experience in webdesign or scripting languages, work started on building Ancestry Aid. The early days were difficult to...

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Family Tree Back Online

Dated: Saturday 25th Jul 2015
Added By: Ancestry Aid Staff

As we know, Ancestry Aid has been through a period where no updates were made to the site. Mainly because of a change of ownership. Now that the original owner has the site again, development is now surging forward.

We at Ancestry Aid are very pleased to announce that the Online Family Tree is now back online and was launched along with a new look and feel to the entire site.

The Family Tree has been completely redeveloped and comes with the following features to name but a few;

  • Manual...
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